Elina Koskela has been appointed as the new CEO of MPS Enterprises - the company's 45-year career as a developer of management and organizations continues with a digital twist


MPS Enterprises will continue its 45-year-long work as a contributor to sustainable working life under the leadership of the new CEO as of 1.2.2020.

“Choosing a CEO is always a value choice for owners, and this is also the case here. I've had the pleasure of following Elina Koskela in her various roles at MPS for several years. Elina’s work shows a genuine desire to impact on working life broadly, and inside her there is a passionate fire for everything that MPS represents in terms of know-how, values, influence and leadership. I also appreciate Elina's desire to live a balanced life that includes family, friendship and health in addition to work," says Marcus Herold, founder of the company, who will focus on his role as the chairman of the board full time. Elina has had a diverse career in different roles at MPS, and her own expertise as a management recruiter and developer provides a good foundation for managing the company.”

“MPS’ long-term expertise of working behavior and business is a strong foundation on which we are ambitious about bringing new value-added factors through digitalization, people data and analytics”, Elina says. “We remain committed to being a quality operator in the industry, with ethics and reliability being the foundation of our operations. The need for our clients to find talents, develop them and renew their organizations remains our core mission. In addition, we are making our expertise increasingly available to consumers.”

The decades-long work of MPS Enterprises has brought people and organizations together from different roles, industries and countries. “We have a unique opportunity to combine the information accumulated through thousands of applicants, learning experiences and our partner organizations for the benefit of our clients,” says Elina Koskela.

“It is wonderful that Elina, with her expertise and value base, will be guiding our organization as we create valuable growth for everyone in accordance with our mission,” says Marcus.

Elina says she is really excited about how the high-quality expertise and potential of MPS professionals are combined in services for our clients' success. The long-standing slogan of MPS Enterprises is more relevant than ever in this era of work and technology: Because companies are made up of people™.

For more information:

Marcus Herold, CEO until 1.2.2020, Chairman of the Board, MPS Enterprises, tel. +358 400 666 663.

Elina Koskela, Managing Director, MPS Career Ltd, CEO of MPS Enterprises from 1.2.2020, tel. +358 20 746 9692.