Heidi Palo

Heidi Palo
Leading Psychologist, Senior Partner, Certified Business Coach

Phone: +358 20 746 9628
Helsinki, Finland

Heidi is in charge of leading, developing and assessing the knowledge and skills in understanding work behaviour in MPS. She enjoys using her psychological knowledge in the organizations’ challenging situations in a large variety of topics. Among expertizing in assessments and recruitments from specialist level to director positions. She is an experienced coach and has good results in consulting teams with conflicts. She holds a Licentiate degree in Psychology and has Special Psychologist’s qualification in work and organization psychology. She has a Certificate of Psychological Assessments and she is a certified Business Coach. She has versatile experience of working over twenty years in the area of work and wellbeing psychology in specialist and line management positions. In her free time, she has long history of recorder playing, teaching and horseback riding, but at the moment she is mostly enjoying a wide range of different sports and learning Latvian culture.

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