Linda Neiglick

Head of Operations & Customer Experience

Linda leads the development of Lifeworks – a new service designed to help professionals lead their careers. She works as a Lifeworks team lead and develops new career and work-life services.

Customer-centric business development is her calling. Previously Linda has been developing digital services in the media industry. She has also led customer insight projects while working in customer insight and research agencies. Linda holds a BA (Hons) in Marketing from the UK and she supports MPS’ marketing team with content strategy and concept planning. She has 10+ years of experience in digital transformation. Change leadership gets her excited, and she holds a “People-driven change” certificate.

Linda loves trail running and retreating in the summer cottage with her family.


Finnish, English




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Linda Neiglick
Linda Neiglick
linda.neiglick@mps.fi +358 20 746 9609