Eevi Kuokkanen

Creative Director

Eevi helps you turn vague ideas, miscellaneous materials and boring policies into effective e-learning concepts, manuscripts or communications material. The starting point is always the user/participant/learner. Only after looking at their needs can we make decisions about the scope, channels or approach.

Eevi also works as a content creation mentor/coach for our customers' own learning content creators, supporting the organization's capabilities for continuous learning.

She's passionate about sustainability and, strangely enough, about everything that has to do with compliance, having worked with these topics for two decades.

Storytelling and visualisation are the characteristic approach for Eevi. A typical customer feedback after a kickoff meeting is: "This was surprisingly fun!"


Finnish, English



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Eevi Kuokkanen
Eevi Kuokkanen
eevi.kuokkanen@mps.fi +358 50 542 3823