Elina Koskela

Elina Koskela
CEO, MPS Enterprises | Senior Partner, Executive Advisor & Certified Business Coach

Phone: +358 20 746 9692
Turku Helsinki, Finland

Elina serves as CEO of MPS Enterprises, heading a business and a great team of professionals focusing on services in recruitment, personal assessment and career transition & outplacement as a management consultancy partner for our customers. She does a lot of customer related work especially in a field of recruitment as well as leadership and management development.

Elina´s work experience is in the field of HR, leadership development and line management responsibilities. She has a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences. Together with her human centered thinking and her line management experience she has a good foundation in her consultancy related to culture and leadership development and competent people positioning.

Elina advises to do what you love. She sees that life is an entity where one should have a good balance between work, family, wellness and friends. Improving your performance through learning and enjoying what you do is the mindset she wants to spread. She believes that people with passion will do great things because companies are made up of people.

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