Minna Hirsimäki

Minna Hirsimäki
Account Director, Certified Business Coach

Phone: +358 20 746 9473
Turku Helsinki, Finland

Minna works as Account Director, specializing in Mentoring, coaching and Competence development.

Before joining MPS, Minna’s career covers 15 years of broad expertise in various Management positions. In the field of Human Resource Management and Consulting she has ten years working experience. Past 2,5 years she has lived in Shanghai, working in charge of International Sales and helping mainly Scandinavian companies to localize their services in China.

Besides her main curriculum being Marketing and Sales she has also studied Psychology.

Besides working, Minna spends time with her family, preferably sailing out in the archipelago with their boat.  Wintertime she loves downhill skiing and in general enjoys various kinds of sports.

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