Jenni Luoma

Senior Consultant

Jenni joined MPS in January 2021 as Senior Consultant. She has worked on diverse tasks in Outplacement, Recruiting and Talent Management. Since December 2021 she has been part of the MPS Executive Search team.

Jenni is a lifelong learner and she holds a D.Sc. in Economics and Business Administration, M.A. in Education with pedagogical qualification and a Strategic Human Resources Management degree. Jenni is also a Certified Systemic Business Coach. She has extensive experience in Recruiting, Talent Management, Change Management, HR as well as Organization, Leadership and People Development from previous roles working within industry, retail, service, training and public sectors.


Finnish, English




Certified Business Coach

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Jenni Luoma
Jenni Luoma
jenni.luoma@mps.fi +358 20 746 9462