Jarkko Sipiläinen

Chief Operating Officer | Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Vaasa, Kuopio

Jarkko works as an Chief Operating Officer (Tampere-Turku-Oulu-Vaasa-Kuopio) and consultant at MPS.

Jarkko is a consulting professional who has been active in the recruitment and HR-services industries since 2006. His career includes for example global business line management, managing multiple recruitment teams, sales management, HR services development, and working as a trainer/ instructor in different kinds of training courses. As a consultant Jarkko has been working with companies ranging from global public limited companies to small startups and growth companies with disruptive technologies and business models. Jarkko has a Master´s Degree in Economics from Tampere University's School of Management.

In his freetime, various kinds of sports are close to Jarkko’s heart, so you can find him from swimming pool, jogging route or gym – or he is relaxing by watching live sports on the sofa.


Finnish, English


Tampere, Vaasa

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Jarkko Sipiläinen
Jarkko Sipiläinen
jarkko.sipilainen@mps.fi +358 40 700 8161