MPS Webinar: Putting learners first


Why put learners first?

Every digital learning experience is created by taking the needs, wants and goals of a range of stakeholders into account.

Top management want digital training to support strategy, project owners want value for money, smooth project managements and on-time delivery, line managers want skilled staff and subject matter experts want excellent content.

All these are essential for a successful learning experience. However, in the end, learners are the ones that will determine the success or failure of a learning experience. By putting them first, we can ensure the other stakeholders’ needs, wants and goals are fulfilled and also help build a self-sufficient learning culture.

In this webinar, Mike Aaja covered the following topics:

  • The benefits of treating your learners as valuable customers
  • How learning experience can learn from customer experience methods
  • Human-centred design principles and for enhancing digital learning experience
  • How to get learners involved early

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