MPS Webinar: Create or curate? Where should your learning materials come from and how can you add gamification to more formal learning?


When it comes to learning materials, there’s no point reinventing the wheel. The world is already full of excellent digital training on a wide variety of topics. This is also true for business training. So, do you actually need to create from scratch or can you curate external content? Of course, you might want to have a tailored solution and that is where creation comes in. In both cases, gamification techniques can be used to increase the impact of your digital learning experiences even further.


  • When to create and when to curate
  • Where to get external learning materials and experiences from
  • Creating gamified digital learning experiences using digital learning tools
  • Adding gamification to your curated digital learning content

This webinar – the 4th in a series of 6 about how to design a gamified learning culture – will be held in English on 25.9.20 at 10:00 by Senior Learning Experience Designer, Mike Aaja.

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