Participatory and learning culture

Capacity for renewal as a competitive advantage

Sustainable renewal

A prerequisite for competitiveness is the ability to innovate continuously. At MPS, we help your organization build sustainable renewal through an open culture, quality supervisory work and continuous learning.

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Creating a participatory culture and coaching leadership

The creation of an open culture requires trust and coaching support for self-directed individuals and teams, so that they can have a safe environment to experiment and innovate. That is why we at MPS offer your organization a wide range of coaching support. For participatory change and team engagement, we offer agile discussion tools that make joint renewal successful in hybrid work, as well.

Continuous learning of individuals and organizations

Sustainable renewal requires continuous learning, and even the best experts expect this from their working environment. As experts in learning, we offer both individuals and organizations the best solutions for continuous learning. We support individuals with our high-quality coaching and mentoring services. With high-quality digital learning, we bring uniformity, efficiency and traceability – as well as versatility and inspiration – to the development of your organization’s competencies. With our learning consultation services, we help create a shared competence and culture for continuous learning.


People analytics – data-based leadership

People analytics and research expertise are an integral part of our MPS competence management. We help your organization to take the team’s pulse in a rapidly changing environment, and to evaluate and develop leadership skills. And how is the organizational culture doing? We can help you find out how culture can support the implementation of the strategy and how it can be further developed.

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