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Ensure your competitiveness by developing competences

When you need digital learning support, we are here to help. Whether you’re just getting started or looking to level up, we can offer you the perfect fit of digital learning tools, learner-friendly content, and expert advice. Our digital and blended learning services range from impactful e-learning design to do-it-yourself technology solutions. From efficient training delivery and administration to consultation services that help you grow your in-house digital learning capability.

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Technology solutions for digital learning

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Build your competence base and boost active sharing of professional insight

Our effective and reliable technology solutions provide everything you need for creating and delivering impactful e-learning. Our tools are scalable to match the size and specific needs of your organization, and it's easy to deploy as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution with low deployment costs. And if you don’t have the time or the capability to do everything yourself, we can provide you with extra support in creating learning content or enhancing the digital learning expertise of your in-house professionals through training and co-creation processes.

Gimlet Learning Management System to deliver training, monitor progress and verify learning results

Gimlet LMS is the distribution and management platform for digital training content, consists of an administration section and a training portal. The administration section enables your organization to maintain training content, manage users and groups, create learning paths, and track performances. Through the training portal, employees can easily find training content tailored to them and monitor their own performances.

Prewise Learning online course tool for easy digital learning content creation

With our online course tool, Prewise Learning, you can create professional-looking courses without the need for specialized technical or programming skills. When you need an efficient solution for tasks such as onboarding new employees or delivering mandatory compliance training digitally, you can implement them more agilely using our tool. All you need is a bit of time for content creation and selecting the desired images. The responsive tool makes it easy to create mobile-friendly online courses in line with your organization's brand. User-friendliness enables a high-quality outcome quickly.

We offer new users the opportunity to try out the Prewise Learning online course tool with a free two-week trial period. During the trial period, you have access to all the tool's features, and the courses you create remain available for your use even after the trial period ends. Contact us through the contact form below and we will get you started.

We’re proud to be part of ARE’s e-learning story with our learning technology solutions. Read more »

E-learning solutions by professionals

When you need tailored e-learning materials built just for you, our experienced learning designers will create engaging learning experiences to suite your needs. Through relevant and memorable learning experiences, we help you turn guidelines and principles into action in, for example, the following areas:

  • Compliance
  • Orientation
  • Strategy and values
  • Safety, security and quality

Through our digital discussion tools and team workbooks, we can also help you engage your teams and create shared ownership to accelerate renewal and change. Read more on our:

Contact us and we’ll partner up to create just the right e-learning solution for your needs!

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