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Should you instil a culture of digital learning? Are you interested in using digital learning solutions more widely but are you at a loss on where to start? MPS is your consultant in the comprehensive design of digital and diverse learning – right from the start.

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Consulting to launch digital learning helps you develop your learning culture with a long-term plan and impact.


Anna Heiliö

Managing Director, MPS Prewise

You can achieve the best results for business when competence development is up to date and effectively reaches a sufficient part of the target group. Consulting to launch digital learning helps you develop your learning culture with a long-term plan and impact.

MPS’s experts will support you in selecting the right environments for your organization’s learning, considering the technologies you already have, and will provide you with high-quality tools to get started with content production internally or in cooperation. You can also get an express starter pack to pilot digital learning: in an agile way, you can test the capabilities available in your organization and what solutions work. Based on the pilot project, you have a more secure footing for mapping out entities, roles, and competency needs.

It is important to clearly define the goals of your various stakeholders and the roles and responsibilities for digital learning in the beginning. We will help approach this definition systematically so that you will have a strong foundation on which to build your learning culture. Learn more about our workshop on goal-oriented digital learning, which will help you create clear outlines for your development work. You can also get started with our  building a digital learning culture training, where we go through the prerequisites and steps for building a new digital learning culture.

Based on your specific needs, we are also happy to provide other tailored consultation and training packages – please contact us to discuss how we can take full advantage of the benefits of digital learning for your organization.

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