Koska yritykset on tehty ihmisistä


Koska yritykset on tehty ihmisistä


Koska yritykset on tehty ihmisistä

Because companies are made up of people

We believe that people are the best innovation

Renewal starts from people. ​When the direction is known, we find the necessary expertise. ​In order for experts to enjoy their work, they need good leadership. We develop leadership so that the entire organization succeeds and renews itself.
This is how we achieve our goals: Better leadership, a renewing organization and committed employees.

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Whether you are looking for a new stage in your career or a new job, you want to join our Talent Community or you need support and sparring in the job search process, you can get help from us!

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Our comprehensive services for leadership, change management and strategic human resources solutions. Find out about our high-quality Executive and Board services for owners and management teams, participatory strategy work and implementation, diverse e-learning services, current ethical culture development, personal evaluations and recruitment services, and more.


Introducing Eevi from digital learning

“I’ve been working in content and technology services in digital learning for over 10 years. During this time, I’ve got to work with a number of leading Finnish companies in content and technology projects of varying sizes and to see the growth of digital learning into one of the most essential pieces of training at organisations.”

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