MPS Cross Company mentoring programme

The aim of the programme is to provide support for successful career both in management and within one's area of expertise. Also leaders who need sparring and support from more experienced experts can participate in the programme as actors. Application period for the programme starting in March 2023 is now open!

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I got to exchange ideas with my mentor in relation to my development – I got so many perspectives and ideas!


Nina Kujala

Fingrid Oy

What the programme includes?

Mentoring is based on confidential interaction of two equal individuals, where know-how is transferred through regular and purposeful discussions. The mentoring programme is based on volunteering, but it requires a strong commitment to the process from both sides.

  • Mentor and actor meet each other approximately every month to discuss the goals set by the actor. There is a total of 8–10 meetings.
  • There are four joint meetings for the mentoring network, in which the focus is on diverse themes related to future leadership.
  • A 360 Degree Feedback assessment will help deepen your understanding of those expectations your environment has for your development. With the analysis, you will learn to see your own strengths the way your colleagues or subordinates see them.

Who is the MPS Cross Company mentoring programme for?

  • To those who are interested in the long-term development of their careers
  • To those who year for new responsibilities
  • To identify and develop one’s own competence and objectives
  • Sparring in a challenging work situation
  • To those who are looking for security and courage in working life
  • For expanding networks and perspectives


What is special about the programme?

We use career motivation and operating style analyses to help match the best mentor with you and your goals. We also take into account people’s industry and experience backgrounds. More than 600 participants has already undergone the Cross Company mentoring programme. Joint network-wide meetings will focus on themes of future leadership.


What does the programme cost, and how can I get in?

MPS Cross Company Mentoring Programme was launched in March 2021 with an excellent group and latest group started their mentoring journey in October 2022. The next programme will start in March 2023. We are accepting applications now, apply by 10th of March! Apply by filling the application form for an actor or mentor below.

For actors, the 9-month programme costs EUR 3,100 per actor. Apply for an actor » (application in Finnish)
For mentors, the programme is free of charge, however they will not be paid separately for their contributions. Apply for a mentor » (application in Finnish)

Apply for the first programme of 2023 now! Application period ends 10th of March (links above)! If you need help with your application, please contact our expert below.


Internal mentoring programmes for companies

An internal mentoring programme is a great way to support knowledge sharing and engage key employees in the organization. We are the leading organizer of corporate mentoring programmes. We offer both coaching and concrete tools for our participants. References to our internal mentoring programmes include ABB Group, Boliden Harjavalta, Enia Oy, YIT, Hartela Group, Panostaja Oyj, Senate Properties and Hospital District of Southwest Finland VSSHP.

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