Change training for managers and personnel

Changes in personnel measure the responsibility of your organization. An organization can act ethically and respectfully, and strengthen its employer image, even when employees have to be laid off. With support from the MPS coaches, the well-being of the remaining employees and managers is ensured, and the leaving employees get best possible help for career planning.

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Challenging terminations affect both managerial work and the remaining employees. Difficult negotiations can be carried out appropriately while respecting each individual. Open communication increases the personnel’s perception that the challenge that affects the entire organization was handled appropriately and humanely.


Jaana Pihlajamäki

Business Development Manager, MPS

Manager in implementing change processes

A manager has a challenging but an important role in the support of employees, maintaining trust and ensuring an operating environment that is as safe as possible during the change. Their purpose is to ensure the well-being, competitiveness, and efficacy of operations of the remaining organization.

MPS Change training for managers

  • develops change management skills
  • trains managers to lead change discussions legally, professionally and respectfully
  • prepares the manager to support the team in the midst of change
  • presents concrete tools for managerial work, implementing change and building trust in a changed situation
  • supports reinforcing the remaining team or launching a new team
  • helps to pay attention to taking care of one’s own well-being, as well, and coping in a challenging situation

The goal of personnel change training is to enable the organization to function in the midst of uncertainty, and to return to normal, efficient work as soon as possible with positivity. Badly handled terminations may even reduce employee productivity for years to come. With the help of our specialists, both remaining and leaving employees will get all the support they need for a successful future.

MPS change training for personnel

  • develops employees’ capacity to adapt to changing situations
  • provides an opportunity to discuss the change and to express even the more challenging emotions in a controlled manner
  • helps identify one’s responses to change and understand those of others
  • promotes cooperation of functioning teams and different levels of the organization, building of structures and achievement of goals
  • builds trust in the future
  • provides means to maintain or restore one’s well-being and means for peer support

The change training for managers and personnel should be timed and included in different stages of organizational change: from preparation for change to the launch and the period following the change, and in support the continuing organization.

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