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We support your organization’s resilience with effective, versatile and measurable learning solutions, from onboarding and safety training to implementing demanding change. Here at MPS, we plan and implement motivational digital courses, videos, multimodal learning packages, gamifications, and digital workbooks and discussion tools to support team learning.

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Heidi Juhantalo
Heidi Juhantalo
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Effective content for digital learning

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Pedagogical competence and effective content for digital learning

We bring pedagogical expertise, functional technology solutions, and impact and inspiration to your digital learning content, for example through gamification. We know human work behaviour and the organization’s conformity to law, and we will design your solution seamlessly with the rest of your competence development. Content can be easily shared either through our Gimlet learning platform or in packages that fit your organization’s own learning environment.

Shared reformative tools

We need tools to internalize and refine to truly implement and initiate changes together. With our digital tools and expert support, everyone can influence how best to respond to changes in the operating environment, in their own work and in their own team. This creates new, shared meanings and enhances the reformation that the organization seeks to achieve, whether it is strategy work, other major change projects, or the development of an ethical operating culture.

Implementing strategy together

We have a variety of ways to help your organization in strategy work and implementation. When you want to successfully implement the strategy of your organization, you need more than just communication. A modern, inspiring and engaging strategy process collects a wide range of observations from the employees as early as possible, for example, using our Strategy radar. When it comes to implementing strategy, our Strategy workbook will sum up the focal points of the strategy for the entire personnel to discuss.

Examples of digital learning content

Compliance – conforming with the rules

What does ethics or conformity mean for your employees? This can be reinforced with digital Compliance training that we tailor to your needs. Once the basics are in place, you can reinforce the ethical operating culture through a purposeful discussion that is easy to facilitate with the MPS Compliance discussion tool. Led by the Value resolution tool, teams can concretely clarify how to implement value-based operations.

Security and quality

We support your vital security expertise with motivating and versatile learning solutions that enable competence assurance, performance registration, and necessary reporting. We also have solid expertise in creating, distributing, and monitoring training that reaches external stakeholders, such as contractors or drivers, right down to the worksite gates.


How is your employee onboarding going in your organization? Is it efficient, inspiring and correctly timed, even with high employee turnover or job rotation? How about situations in which the inductee and the person providing the induction are based in different countries, or where there are cultural differences? Digital induction brings flexibility, reliability and measurability to your onboarding programme. By moving part of the induction process online, you free up time for the person providing the induction either for other work or for more effective and focused induction.

Customer service and product training

What am I selling and to whom? How do I produce the agreed service in accordance with our standards? We help you create customer service and product training that meets the exact needs of your target group – not product information cataloguing or process diagrams, but learning that supports hands-on work and business goals. In addition to your own personnel, we can also effectively reach your external target groups, such as retailers.

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Heidi Juhantalo
Heidi Juhantalo
heidi.juhantalo@mps.fi +358 50 367 8177