Technology Solutions for Digital Learning

Functional digital solutions for continuous learning and renewal

For the development and maintenance of competence

Deploy flexibly all the features relating to digital training, from efficient course production to training management, sharing, and measuring and evaluating results. You can freely choose services that best suit your organization from the MPS learning technology package. We also provide consultation support and help you succeed in building a learning culture in its various stages.

Welcome to the Learning technology customer support site! This support site gives you the answers to the most common issues relating to Gimlet LMS, Gimlet Composer and Prewise Learning!

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Technology solutions for digital learning

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Unleash your learning and secure your skills with our digital solutions

Our reliable and efficient technology solutions for developing and maintaining competence cover all functions related to e-learning. They scale to the different needs of your organization, and they are easy to deploy as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution that also has the advantage of lower initial investment.

Gimlet LMS learning environment for sharing training and monitoring performance

The Gimlet LMS  platform for assigning and managing digital learning content comprises an administration section and a training portal. The administration section allows your organization to administer training content, manage users and learning groups, and follow performances. With the Learning portal, the employees can easily find the training content assigned to them and follow their own performance. 

Easy and high-quality digital course content with Prewise Learning

With the content production tool Prewise Learning, you can create professional online courses with no special expertise in technology or programming. Our responsive tool makes it is easy to create online courses that fit your brand and also work in mobile devices. User-friendliness enables you to work together and supports decentralized content production.

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