Development of hybrid leadership

A multichannel supervisory work training package creates a uniform daily leadership model that supports equality in your company.

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Hybrid leadership is here to stay, and the skills of managers have a strong impact on the employee experience and the result.


Marja-Leena Rautaparta

Responsible for supervisor development service at MPS

Multichannel supervisory work training package for supervisors

New ways and channels of leadership are constantly making permanent changes in working life; this programme creates a common and equality-supporting day-to-day management model for the company. The training package consists of digital implementations, which participants can perform flexibly in their own time, as well as live coaching, which can be realized either in real time via video connection or face to face.

We engage supervisors to renew and reform:
  • Supervisor skills in multichannel leadership are developed
  • Supervisors are regrouped, which facilitates sharing and getting peer support
  • The participants know how to utilize different leadership channels correctly and are able to choose the channel according to the situation
  • Self-management, trust and transparency are developed
  • Time management becomes more efficient
  • The feeling of being in control strengthens
  • Organization no longer talks about remote leadership or management but turns to a new page of quality leadership regardless of the channel of communication.
Coaching themes:
  • Self-management and supervisor’s time management
  • New leadership models
  • Developing one’s own leadership
  • Multichannel leadership model
  • Practical tips for remote leadership
  • Multichannel encounters
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