Data protection at MPS

Confidentiality and good data protection are key

At MPS, the cornerstones of all operations are the confidentiality of personal information and the safeguarding of the privacy of customers in all situations. In accordance with a people-oriented operating culture, we try to convey operating methods related to data protection in a transparent and understandable manner.

On these pages, we will describe the principles and practices related to the handling of personal information in different situations in more detail.

We handle information for three different purposes:

  • online service and MPS marketing
  • Job search and career services
  • MPS corporate customer decision-maker information

Data protection FAQ

Understandably, there are questions and maybe even worries related to personal information, confidentiality and the use of data. Below, we will attempt to answer the most common questions concerning data protection.
  • What kinds of information are handled?

    At MPS Enterprises, a wide variety of information is handled, depending on the purpose. In using the online services, anonymous usage information is mainly collected on how the service is used, whereas we collect assessment, research and recruitment data with regard to recruitments and services for companies.

    Learn more in the data protection policies below.

  • For what purpose is the information used?

    The data collected through our online services and marketing is used for the development of our services, personalisation and the development of the customer experience.

    In career and job search services, information is used for recruitments, personal assessments and for supporting our career services. The focus in all of these is on people, and the aim is to find the most suitable career development for individuals and the best candidate for companies.

    Learn more about the purposes and the information we use in the data protection policies below.

  • How is information collected?

    In online services, information is collected using analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, Leadfeeder and Hubstop, as well as cookies.

    In career and recruitment services and services for companies, the identified personal information is collected through the online services that we use, which are described in more detail below.

  • How is data protection ensured?

    Trust and a high level of data protection are at the centre of all our operations. The information is stored securely in protected and encrypted environments.

    Read about our more detailed privacy and data protection policies below.

  • Can I check the information stored about me?

    You have the right to know, for example, what information is collected about you and for what purpose it is used. You can also check the information collected about you, correct it and request the deletion thereof.

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MPS Enterprises is committed to safeguarding your rights and keeping your personal information safe.


Juhani Mäkelä

CIO, MPS Enterprises

Registry information

MPS Enterprises' Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Our privacy and data protection policy describe MPS's policies regarding the collection and processing of personal information.

MPS Enterprises' Privacy Policy

MPS Enterprises' Data Protection Policy

Career and job search

Customer assignment

If you participate in the recruitments, executive searches or personnel assessments assigned by our customers, your information is stored in the Common Data File of MPS Enterprises and its customer.

Career services

If you give us your consent for the use of your data in connection with recruitment or targeted campaigns, or participate in career service processes ordered by our customers (outplacement, mentoring etc.), your information is stored in our Career Services register.


The information of our consumer customers is stored in the Lifeworks Register.

Job search to MPS

If you apply for a job with MPS Companies, your information will be stored in MPS Companies' own recruitment register.

Corporate customers and marketing

The Customer and Decision-Maker Data File of MPS Enterprises

For the purposes of carrying out and developing our business operations, we store the necessary personal information in our customer and decision-maker data file.

The purpose of the processing the personal data of corporate customers is to manage customer relationships and to manage, maintain, develop, analyse and compile statistics on the contract and assignment relationships between corporate customers and MPS Enterprises Ltd.

The personal data concerning decision-makers is processed for the purposes of MPS Enterprises Ltd’s electronic and direct marketing, opinion surveys and market research as well as for planning and developing the business operations and services of MPS Enterprises Ltd.

The Customer and Decision-Maker Data File of MPS Enterprises


A short description of cookies cookies cookies


To develop our operations, we use analytics services from Google Analytics, Leadfeeder and HubSpot. With these services, we gather information, such as your IP-address and usage data regarding your activities on our websites, so that we can target our MPS products and services better. You can disable Google Analytics with this browser add-on tool. Opt-outs are specific to each browser and device.

Data collected by Google Analytics will be uploaded and stored in Google's own servers, some of which may be located outside the EU. In which case, local data protection legislation will apply. Learn more about Leadfeeder's and Google's privacy policies and using Google Analytics with the following links:

Leadfeeder Privacy Policy

Google Analytics privacy overview

Opt out of Google Analytics tracking

My right to my information

Request for verification of registration data

According to GDPR everyone has the right to verify their data stored in personal registers.

If you want to know what personal information about you has been stored in our registers, you can leave a request for verification of registration data by completing the form below and we will contact you. In the case of data that you cannot modify or remove in our systems yourself, please be prepared to visit one of our offices for verification of identity.

When requesting the removal of your personal information, we will remove all the information we collect from you unless there is a legal obligation or justification for storing it.

Please select a request for verification or removal of personal information
Email Marketing

If you would like to opt out of MPS Email Marketing, please fill out the form below

Request to verify or delete registration data

When requesting the removal of your personal information, we will remove all the information we collect from you unless there is a legal obligation or justification for storing it.