MPS Business Coaching will bring out your full potential

You don’t have to face the challenges or opportunities for change in your career alone. With coaching, you can clarify your objectives and use your strengths to find power and the means to progress towards the desired direction.

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It was great to receive help from a professional. Coaching sessions were mind opening and very fruitful. I got many new things to think about and especially new ways of approaching people in different situations.


Eero Kossi

Strategic Sourcing Lead, Kongsberg Maritime

At the heart of coaching is the promotion of individual and business success

MPS Business Coaching helps you to target individuals’ potential for achieving company goals better. At the same time, the self-reflection of the person being coached develops, their delimiting beliefs can be identified, and their performance and well-being at work are strengthened. Coaching allows you to achieve concrete development in the conduct of the person who is being coached.

MPS Business Coaching is one of the most efficient methods of development for, e.g.

  • Change situations
  • Challenging leadership situations
  • Identification of personal resources and strengths.

We have close to 30 coaches from different backgrounds, and we have been a pioneer in developing the Finnish coaching culture for more than twenty years.

We have strong expertise and experience in successful business coaching:

  • Our coaches are certified business coaches, and they have insight into forward-looking leadership, individual competence, business leadership and people development.
  • We understand the latest phenomena in Finnish working life and the future requirements of organizations. Every year, we support thousands of individuals at different stages of their careers.
  • We know people. And we can help you to clarify your objectives. Understanding work behaviour is at the core of MPS competence. In coaching, an individual can discover the unique combination of their strengths with the help of different analyses describing personality, motivation and behaviour.
  • We are passionate about supporting and understanding different stages of professional careers. We have decades of experience in knowing the expectations of employers and individuals about transition in people’s careers. We support you in change, whether the challenge inspires you or worries you.

Who is business coaching suitable for?

For example, coaching is beneficial for:

  • An expert considering a new position
  • An employee who has started in a new, more challenging position
  • Leaders at different stages of their careers
  • An individual who is looking to develop their managerial/supervisory skills
  • An individual in a challenging situation

The coaching journey will typically take 3–12 months. The coach and the person being coached meet 1–2 times a month, as agreed. Currently, meetings are primarily held remotely.

If you think that business coaching could be beneficial for you, your colleague or subordinate, contact us for more information. We would be happy to tell you more!

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Noora Saloranta, HRD Specialist

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