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MPS Pulse is a new concept developed in customer cooperation for organizations that value systematic and comprehensive data on the development of employee experience.

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MPS Pulse replaces the heavy employee survey conducted once a year


Jan Silvonen

Account Director, MPS People Analytics

MPS Pulse brings ease and diversity to surveying employee data

In MPS Pulse, the employee survey, which is traditionally carried out once a year, is divided into themes that are implemented in a pulsed manner at different times. In addition to changing themes, we examine the results of key performance indicators (KPIs) for each pulse survey.

The changing themes of MPS Pulse are:

  • Well-being
  • Engagement with work
  • Commitment
  • Renewal and development

Emotional climate analysis often facilitates the interpretation of results

As a recurring pulse indicator, we also monitor the emotional climate of teams. The emotional climate analysis illustrates, for example, the enthusiasm, optimism, courage, curiosity and activity in the teams. The emotional climate analysis brings additional depth to the result by cutting into the mood of the teams in a way that traditional employee surveys do not.

MPS Pulse as a part of the annual HR clock

MPS Pulse does much more than measure the development of the employee experience. The incorporated themes can be bound to the annual HR clock and used to create a model for continuous improvement. As an example, breaking development discussions down into shorter thematic discussions on a quarterly basis.

Support for managers and concrete measures for development of the employee experience through a digital workbook

Today, all organizations survey employee experience development, but surveys and research rarely lead to concrete improvements. We have taken on this challenge and are able to offer a solution.

With the help of the digital workbook, managers and their teams get to familiarize themselves with the results and decide together on thematic development targets. The workbook provides guidance and tips on how to handle the results, ensuring development according to common practices. 

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