The story of MPS Enterprises

Our unique story began in the early 1970s and continues through the decades to the present day. This pioneer in personal assessments grows into an internationally significant and esteemed operator.
  • 1972

    The founder moves to Finland

    A young American man called Thomas GrosJean (27 May 1943–8 August 2006) moves to Finland and chooses to stay here to carve a future for himself.

  • 1974-75

    The birth of MPS

    Thomas GrosJean and Marcus Herold meet. The young partners found a company together, called MPS (Management Personnel Services), bringing a whole new type of consulting service to the Finnish market – personal assessment.

  • 1977

    Recruitment services added to the palette

    From personal assessment to a more extensive recruitment partnership: the first four-column recruitment notification in Helsingin Sanomat.


  • 1980-86

    Internationalisation begins

    MPS grows in Finland, and internationalisation begins. Offices in Tampere and Copenhagen are opened.

    MPS starts operations in Sweden by opening an office in Stockholm. At the same time, an MPS office is opened in Turku, Finland. Executive Search (search, headhunting) is added to the recruitment service selection.

    An office is opened in Oulu.

    MPS goes into Asia. Operations start with the opening of an office in Tokyo.

  • 1987

    Towards Central Europe

    A quality partner is found in Germany, von Rundstedt & Partner GmbH, whose network of offices covers all of Germany. MPS is among the first operators in Finland to offer outplacement service.

  • 1993

    Becoming an expert in management

    The service selection is expanded to the areas of management, work in leadership team and organisational development.

  • 1994-2000

    Baltic countries and Poland incorporated

    Operations begin in the Baltic countries. An office is opened in Tallinn. MPS Latvija/Komin Ltd and MPS Polska are established.

  • 2002-05

    Asian operations expanded

    Offices are opened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and in Bangkok, Thailand. Coaching becomes a natural part of MPS’ operating methods.

    MPS goes into China, and an office is opened in Shanghai.

  • 2006-09

    Board work development added to the service catalogue

    MPS Italia Executive Search is established.

    Through the acquisition of BoardCompetence Oy, the service selection is expanded to board work assessments, board work development and board member search.

    Russian operations are strengthened by opening a dedicated company in Moscow, OOO MPS Executive Search Russia.

    MPS acquires the Lithuanian UAB Fontes Vilnius, specialised in searches, personal assessments and personnel consulting, in order to lay a strong foundation for its operations in the Baltic countries.

  • 2010

    International executive search services

    MPS establishes the international EXS International network together with Italian GI Group and German von Rundstedt und Partners. The network enables the provision of high-quality executive search services across 20 countries.

  • 2012

    Digitalisation is strengthened

    An MPS office is opened in Vaasa.

    MPS acquires Prewise Oy specialising in change implementation and personnel-oriented business development.

    MPS joins the Career Star Group network comprising strong international operators in the fields of outplacement and career management. The network enables the provision of high-quality outplacement and career services across 73 countries.

  • 2018-19

    International respect

    MPS established MPS Lifeworks Oy, a career service aimed at consumers and an online store for personal career management.

    MPS is accepted as a member of the Panorama Search network. The network of leading search companies provides excellent tools for local and international executive searches.

    MPS join the global AESC (Association of Executive Search and Leadership Consultants). Recognised companies providing searches and management development are accepted as members of AESC.

    MPS also strengthens its service selection in Eastern Finland by opening an office in Kuopio.