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Currently, MPS Enterprises employs nearly 200 top experts. In addition, our international networks comprise over 1,500 business management and personnel consulting professionals. The will to develop and maintain one’s competence at the pinnacle of the field are the foundation for the success of MPS. Simplicity, development opportunities and varied work ensure that all of us enjoy the work we do.

What is it like working at MPS?

At MPS, personnel development is supported by providing both internal and external training opportunities. Development in one’s own work can be supported through mentoring and different certification training courses, for example. There are also opportunities for mobility within our organisation, according to one’s personal situation and wishes. Sometimes, new and exciting career opportunities can be found with other companies within MPS Enterprises. Co-operation between the companies extends country borders, which affords a great opportunity for maintaining and developing one’s language proficiency and learning about new cultures.

Consultants at MPS Career are typically psychologists, Masters of Economic Sciences or Masters of Arts (Education). Service coordinators working in tasks supporting our customer processes are usually Bachelors of Business Administration. Every year, we also offer work for psychologist interns and part-time psychologist assistants at our offices in Helsinki, Turku, Tampere and Oulu.

MPS Executive Search Consultants have personal management experience from different fields. Research Consultants have solid job market knowledge and are well-versed in using a variety of sources. The professionals with different backgrounds share a common desire to succeed, develop and produce quality results for the customer.

At MPS Prewise, consulting, content creation, technology, sales and project management professionals with diverse competence and experience backgrounds are working in customer and project work tasks. We serve our customers employing both traditional coaching and online coaching solutions, and a large part of our work is teamwork. Our demanding international customers represent a wide range of fields, which in turn means that we also need to make use of different backgrounds and competencies. Common qualities that we share are solid basic skills in the field, adequate language skills and the ability to efficiently work in a team. Typical tasks at MPS include consultancy, concept design, visualisation, software architecture, project management, account management and production coordination.

MPS is going strong

The well-being of our personnel and a good atmosphere at work are vital to our company. We develop occupational well-being through, for example, constant assessment of immediate leadership and training. We also invest in the physical well-being of our personnel in many ways, for example, by handing out sports vouchers, developing ergonomics and organising joint sporting events.

A good atmosphere at work is important for every MPS employee. We work together to achieve that goal. We meet at a common development event at least a few times a year. In addition, we organise international meet-and-greets, where we get to share our experiences with our Swedish and Lithuanian colleagues, for instance. We also know how to have a good time together.
Would you like to join our professionally skilled and developing team?

Would you like to join our professionally skilled and developing team?

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Introducing Eevi from digital learning

“I’ve been working in content and technology services in digital learning for over 10 years. During this time, I’ve got to work with a number of leading Finnish companies in content and technology projects of varying sizes and to see the growth of digital learning into one of the most essential pieces of training at organisations.”

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