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Effective and humane support for personnel change management

Controlled way forward in a situation of change

Strengthen the responsible employer image with a well-managed personnel change process. We help you to implement the change in a humane and professional manner every step of the way. You will be supported by the expertise of MPS change management and career coaching professionals to support both individuals and your organization’s operations.

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Effective services in a situation of change

We provide support to your organization in the change process every step of the way. Together we can customize a package of the following services to suit your situation:

Prepare the change together with an expert

You can also consult the MPS change management experts, who will share the best practices with your organization. You can receive help in successfully planning even the most challenging personnel changes.

Initiate change with change coaching for managers and personnel

Management training develops change management skills. Personnel training support the employees’ capabilities in a situation of change. When you take the entire changing organization into consideration, you ensure that the organization remains operational despite the change. At the same time, you are creating a positive employer image.

Offer the leaving employees outplacement training.

The outplacement programme accelerates the career change for the employees leaving your organization. Professional coaching and recruitment experts take into account the different life situations of the leaving individuals and provide them with diverse career and job search coaching, up-to-date information on job searches, and perspectives on modern recruitment. Educational elements such as managerial skills coaching or the MPS Entrepreneurship path can be included in the outplacement training.

Select MPS Executive Outplacement for executive-level outplacement training

MPS Executive Outplacement coaches leaders to lay the foundation for future career choices and success in a new operating environment.

Embark on a new rise after the change by providing change training to remaining employees and managers

Training for remaining employees and managers increases the psychological security in the organization and improves the results of the change. 

We are involved in changing the careers of thousands of people every year. In Finland, MPS has more than 30 experienced coaching consultants trained and certified for change and outplacement training, ready to support your organization’s personnel in the transition. MPS is also part of the international Career Star Group partner network.

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