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The right people for the right jobs with the help of modern recruitment

When finding skilled employees is essential

Find the right experts for specialist, managerial and management positions with a recruitment process that is modern, reliable and of high quality. We at MPS help your organization with modern tools, strong recruitment marketing expertise, and the use of analytics, as well as providing a first-class applicant experience. We ensure that we can reach the best experts and proceed with the recruitment process efficiently and creditably.

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Recruitment services

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How do you succeed in recruiting?

Recruitment can only be successful if the best candidates are involved. The lack of the right talent is critical to the operation of the organization and the company's performance, and the competition for talent is not getting any easier. When you choose us as your partner, we handle the recruitment for you smoothly and with high quality.

Our quality promise includes 4 points

With over 45 years of experience and thousands of recruitments, we know what quality recruitment consists of.

  1. We handle your recruitment efficiently. With the help of a consultant and coordinator, we make sure that the recruitment proceeds according to the schedule and that the client and the applicant know what stage the recruitment is in and what happens next.
  2. We offer advanced service. We use modern tools, solutions that fit the spirit of the times, and we boldly try new things.
  3. We care. We know people, work behavior, various motivators, different personalities - we understand that companies are made up of people and in the endgame "personality decides".
  4. Your image as an employer is strengthened. From us, applicants get a first-class applicant experience that supports the employer's image and future recruitments.

Recruitment services - order turnkey or one part

When you need experts locally or from abroad, we help. We recruit managers and employees, we help our customers on a turnkey basis and sometimes we only support one stage of recruitment. You can order a full service from us or just a part of it.

Advertised Search is a cost-effective option when the employer and the job position are attractive and there are enough potential job seekers.

Direct Search is the solution when you are looking for people for challenging expert or middle management tasks in terms of competence requirements or job location.

We also provide assistance to those working in recruitment services to develop their recruitment skills and the company’s recruitment practices through our training. We organize both open and company-specific recruitment training.



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Tuomas Vaulanen joined Finnfund as an Investment Analyst through MPS’s advertisement search.

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Jonathan Rasmus
Jonathan Rasmus +358 20 746 9481