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Concrete support for the development of employee experience, leadership, and organizational culture

Taking the employees’ pulse

Keep up to date on your employee experience, and get a reliable overview of your organizational culture, leadership strengths, and areas for development. MPS’s People Analytics research services conduct surveys related to the employee experience, including 360 Degree Feedback, management team barometers, organizational culture surveys and traditional wellbeing at work and employee surveys.

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Comprehensive research into employee experience, leadership, and organizational culture

It is important for the management to stay aware of the employees’ pulse and know how everything is going at both a team and individual level. Especially in today’s rapidly changing environment. When you invest in employee well-being and motivation, you create a successful employee experience that commits people to the company, attracts top talent and improves business productivity.

The best way to take the pulse of your employees and organization is through research and smarter digital surveying. Here at MPS, People Analytics indicates a more systematic utilization of employee data and its better and more efficient collection. We utilize comprehensive surveys in three different categories of our research services: employee experience, leadership, and organizational culture.

In order for your organization to make the best possible decisions, reliable research data is needed for support. Research alone is not enough, and we will not leave you alone with the results. Absolutely crucial preconditions for successful development projects include analysing the collected observations, prioritizing them, and putting them into concrete terms. This is why all our research projects begin with the question: in concrete terms, what is it that your organization wants to achieve through research?

Understanding the operations of organizations and individuals’ behaviour at work

The basis of our MPS People Analytics research services lies in understanding the operations of organizations and individuals’ behaviour at work. This is ensured by our psychologists and dozens of certified business consultants and coaches. Our operations incorporate strong behavioural science insight, professional expertise in planning and analysis, and technologically modern and flexible solutions. We focus strongly on the individual rather than only on the organization or team.

Our efficient surveys on leadership

Our leadership surveys reveal the current status and targets for investment, in order to ensure your organization’s success now and in the future. A realistic insight into the strengths of leadership in your organization and development targets in managers’ activities makes it possible to harmonize leadership and enhance the efficiency of operations. Our 360 Degree Feedback provides the best data on the strengths and development targets of managers and executives, and the management team barometer and board barometer again provide data on how to develop management team and board work.

Comprehensive surveys on employee experience

MPS Pulse measures the employer image comprehensively and provides up-to-date information on its development for your organization’s use in a fast and agile way. Your organization is able to comprehensively, but at the same time lightly, monitor and develop the employee experience without overburdening employees with surveys. It allows you to get up-to-date data on the development of the employee experience throughout the survey process and to be able to monitor, for example, the impact of changes on the employee experience in real time.

Your organization can support the development of teams with a digital workbook. With the workbook, you ensure that the results of the employee survey or MPS Pulse are reviewed in the teams, and you facilitate the selection of development measures.

Extensive range of surveys on organizational culture

With our organization surveys, you can monitor the operating culture of your organization and find processes and practices that create conformity in changing situations. The surveys evaluate the current and ideal culture of your organization, for example.

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