Developing Ethical Operating Culture

Ethics as the cornerstone of responsible operations

For a sustainable basis

Create a foundation for good business operations by strengthening the ethics of your organization. Customers, stakeholders, employees, and job seekers expect companies to do the right thing, and improving ethical practices is also about risk management. Here at MPS, we help you define what the culture of doing the right thing means in your organization, and we support you in communicating and implementing it.

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Developing an ethical operating culture

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Evaluation and development of ethical leadership

Here at MPS, we help evaluate and develop ethical leadership to define and articulate the ethical goals of your organization and to priorities actions in a joint process with management, key employees, and personnel representatives. This work provides you with all the check marks needed for uniform communication, guidelines, and cultural change. In addition to recommendations for action, the work sums up an ethical promise that your organization makes to internal and external stakeholders.

Compliance: operating in accordance with common rules

Responsible and orderly conduct requires that employees are aware of common principles and guidelines, and ensures the ability to identify situations in which the rules must be followed. In particular, the will and courage to do the right thing when it is difficult is also needed. Here at MPS, we conduct insightful digital Compliance training to bring your organization’s guidelines and ethical principles to life. 

Implementing the culture of doing the right thing

Once the Code of Conduct and ethical principles have been jointly defined, these essential collections of rules for the organization and their spirit should become second nature to everyone. The focus is different for different teams: safety is paramount for one team, and another team is more concerned about diversity. Not everything can be included in the guidelines either, so a common culture of doing the right thing should be strengthened through open discussion. The MPS Compliance Discussion Tool can be used to implement the culture of doing the right thing. The tool enables teams to review selected guidelines and discuss the questions and ideas they raise, and to define more precisely what it means to follow the principles and rules in practice.

From values to reality with teamwork

What does it mean that the customer comes first in our line of work? In what kinds of situations should we show courage? Teams are more strongly committed to your organization’s shared values when they get to consider how values are best implemented in practice and how to monitor their implementation. The perfect tool for this is the MPS  Value resolution tool.

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