Mission and values

Valuable growth for everyone

Our mission of “Valuable growth for everyone” and slogan “Because companies are made up of People” as well as the values of MPS describe our way of operating and what issues are important to us as MPS employees

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MPS is a company that is managed based on values. Sustained work, management influence and a balanced working life have been central to the company’s ownership for decades.


Marcus Herold

Chairman of the Board, MPS

Our values

The customer comes first

Active creation and management of customer relationships are responsibilities shared by everyone at MPS. We have extensive knowledge of the business of our customers and we actively tend to our customer relationships, with the goal of deep-rooted partnership and high customer satisfaction rates. We listen to the customer and constantly develop our services flexibly together with the customer. The customer focus is visible in the actions of everyone at MPS in the form of service-orientation, friendliness and the will to understand both internal and external customers.

Our values

Strong together

We work in close co-operation across all levels of MPS, making use of everyone’s competence. Our co-operation is based on respecting and appreciating one another. It is the responsibility of everyone to build co-operation and identify the significance of one’s own contribution as part of the whole. We abide by commonly agreed operating methods. We trust in the competence of one another and are willing to share our competence with the entire organisation. We consider that success is something that we can feel only after achieving the result together.

Our values

Well-being and profitability go hand in hand

Profitable operations ensure the success of MPS and the well-being of the personnel. Profitability is what ensures the continuity and development of operations. Everyone at MPS works professionally, puts the customer first and is committed to the agreed goals. Profitable operations ensure that we have a common future and that we can develop our operations in the long term.

The foundation of success for MPS is the well-being of its personnel. Our well-being is based on the equality of people and work as well as respect for personal privacy. We value the work and competence of every MPS employee. We help our co-workers when needed and ensure that the workload is distributed equally. Constructive criticism is used to develop the functionality of the work community. We make use of our own competence to promote the well-being of our own personnel. A comfortable work environment and functional tools are necessary for well-being.

Our values

A brave trailblazer

We create processes for our customers that will free up their resources for pursuing profitable core operations. Advancement is closely related to the ability to let go of the old and utilise the latest information. Every MPS employee possesses the courage to question and suggest new solutions as well as the ability to receive new options. We see situations of change as an opportunity.