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This is not the whole story

This is the beginning of the story. This is how it all began.

It all started some years ago. A couple of foresighted business managers wanted to make implementation easier. How could we help an organization with multiple sites and virtual teams? A new method of e-learning, among other solutions, was needed.

First steps

To make this happen, a project team consisting of enthusiastic experts was put together. A new tool was chosen and the focus was clear. We sliced up the big plan into a few first stages: to learn how to create interesting content ourselves, fascinate employees and help everyone learn at their place of work, such as construction site, maintenace services or office. In that spirit, the very first steps towards digital learning culture were taken together.


We wanted to create short, interesting, pedagogically smart and visually appealing content. Our wish was for employees to have more opportunities to learn in the flow of work.


Feedback from employees

The first four e-learning courses created by our internal subject matter experts were welcomed by employees in the implementation phase with curiosity. More months went by. More and more subject matter experts joined in. More users of the content creation tool began to create new courses IATOD. Four courses turned into tens of courses.

How about the course accomplishments? The first 500 went by. Then a thousand. Then more. Over 18,000 courses were completed by our employees in two years. Is that a lot or not? For us, this is huge! The organization learned to use a new way of thinking about learning at a site. The feedback was positive.


Micro-learning, short e-learning courses, that's the key.


What next?

New adventures and new topics will emerge. Gaming will increase. Hopefully, our new sites at Are Sweden will utilize the tool and micro-learning some time in the future, too. Co-operation between internal content creators and employees with new ideas about the courses that are needed will flourish even more. We learn together.

I wish to thank our employees and managers and Jyri, Sari, Katja, Mikko, Kaisa, Juha, Maiju, Heikki, Sanna, Laura, Ville, Pasi, Petri, just to name some. You have created this new era of learning together. I would also like to thank our partner MPS. The story of Are's e-learning will continue in new and exciting phases.

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Over 18,000 courses were completed by our employees in two years. Is that a lot or not? For us, this is huge!


Päivi Lyly

HRD Manager, Are


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