New era of leader­ship

Changes in work also bring changes in leadership

Tools for leadership renewal

At MPS, we help your organization to reform leadership to serve the new working environment. We promote cultures in which decision-making practices, everyday practices, and individual skills enable individuals to take the lead in their own work and organizations to undertake participatory renewal.

See our CEO Elina's views on the new leadership

Elina Koskela
CEO, MPS Enterprises

Vantage point for changing working life

MPS has served as an expert partner for organizations in leading people for decades. In the current fourth wave of working life, where the relationship between work, time, place and employment is changing, we have a unique vantage point. Using this, we provide your organization with insight and knowledge about future leadership. We are constantly developing new services as tools for renewed leadership, for example, based on executive searches, leadership team development, and leaders’ personal coaching and mentoring discussions.

Towards the new era of leadership

Alongside hierarchically managed organizations, operating models based on team steering are developing, which increase both the potential and motivation of experts. At MPS, we help organizations reform from a traditional leadership culture based on control (leader-follower) to a modern leadership culture, where structures, practices, and individual skills enable the management of an individual’s work and participatory renewal.

Good leadership in the new era

In renewed leadership, the ultimate idea remains the same – the aim of working together towards the goals that we find important and that the group considers meaningful. At MPS, we promote good people management, and we are passionately involved in it, with our services catering for both organizational and individual levels.

- MPS -

Because companies are made up of people

Throughout the years we have partnered with our clients as people management experts, developing organizations that live a sustainable working life.
Elina Koskela, CEO, MPS Enterprises

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Services related to our solution

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The transformation of companies, company management and expertise makes it only natural for board work to be transformed, as well.

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We provide comprehensive services for evaluating and developing board work.

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MPS Business Coaching helps you to target individuals’ potential for achieving company goals better. 

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Multichannel supervisory work training package creates a uniform daily leadership model for your company.

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Executive Search is precision tool for when you are looking for board members, CEOs, management team members and middle management.

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In the comprehensive management team work development process, we decode the management team’s current situation into facts.

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As a result of the development process, the management team will be better able to utilize the competencies of each of its members.

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Mentoring Programmes support successful, long-term personal development of a specialist or leader, and helps to clarify professional goals and skills.


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