Management team development

The leadership of a successful working community is future-oriented and able to reform. Identifying and utilizing diversity and diverse know-how, managing networks and leading in a coaching manner are the foundations of a functioning and productive management team. MPS is a pioneer in developing management team work, with years of experience.

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Renewal requires the management team to identify strengths and areas for development, as well as synergy benefits.


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Development Director

As a result of the MPS development process, the board or management team will be better able to identify and utilize the competencies of each of its members, maximize the efficiency of discussion and focus on the task at hand. We have productized our processes into efficient and up-to-date packages. All of our consultants also have personal management experience in various industries, including internationally.

The management team development process promotes successful strategy implementation and achievement of synergies. MPS’s management team assessment and development process uses a barometer to open up the management team’s current situation, giving factual data that helps us together to identify the most important development measures and to promote systematic development of the management team’s performance.

This development work will help to coordinate the work of the management team and its members by focusing on what is essential and by utilizing the different characteristics of the group members, thus unlocking the resources in the group. With our business–oriented approach and by observing the current business situation and challenges, we can ensure the management team’s agility and ability for renewal.

Our management team development programme is suitable, for example, for the following situations:

  • Enhancing the management team’s operations
  • Supporting change
  • A new management team has started operations
  • There is distrust among people in the management team
  • Our main services for the management team are
  • Management Team Training
  • Management Team Surveys
  • Business Coaching

Management Development Audit

Management Development Audits, MDA, support the organization’s key employees in following activities according to the set strategy. With the help of Management Development Audits, organizations are able to boost their leadership and managerial work and to support managers in managing and implementing change.

MDA is intended as a development tool for the organization’s management team and key personnel, to support individual leadership skills and to develop leadership or management team work. MDA supports management and key employees personally, while developing leadership in accordance with the strategy to meet the challenges of the future business. It enhances leadership and managerial work and supports the management team in accelerating change.

The change starts with the individual

Changing a group’s or organization’s operations requires changes in individual-level behaviours. MDA strengthens self-awareness and creates a perception of potential development as a leader. On the basis of the MDA, we prepare a summary of the organization’s management status. Development measures can be tailored to meet individual and organizational needs.

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