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Create a foundation for good business by strengthening the ethics of your organization's operations. Customers, stakeholders, employees and job seekers expect companies to act correctly, and strengthening ethical operations is also risk management. At MPS, we help define what the culture of doing things right means in your organization, as well as support in communicating and instilling it.

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An ethical operating culture can only be developed through joint discussion and even by challenging the culture.


Eevi Kuokkanen

Creative Director, MPS

A digital tool to support team discussion

With the help of the team discussion tool, or Compliance discussion tool, the team:

  • chooses the most relevant compliance topics
  • goes through rules and discusses the questions and experiences they raise
  • defines in more detail the measures it may take to implement rules in practice
  • gets tips for situations that are difficult to interpret

Teams get to process the topic equally, as the progress of the discussion – or the organization in general – does not depend solely on the skills and views of the manager.

The organization receives a report on the arrangement of the discussions and with that can monitor the number of participants and, if necessary, remind managers about arranging the discussion.

For what situations?

  • When you want to ensure that compliance is realized in critical situations
  • When you want to create a discussion culture related to compliance matters
  • When traditional training methods need additional support, or the organization has already gone through compliance training

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