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Are is the biggest technical building service provider in Finland. Full-lifecycle technical building services contracting and property maintenance services guarantee the energy efficiency and pleasant indoor conditions of customers’ premises. Are Group employs approximately 3,200 people in Finland, Sweden and Russia.

Are needed flexible new solutions to complement their existing channels for employee induction and competence development. They wanted to introduce digital learning solutions to make it easier to train their field personnel effectively, independent of time and place.

Digital training enables mobile induction

Most of Are’s employees work in various installation tasks at customer locations and construction sites, where they can study using mobile devices while working. Are also wanted to bring more diversity and different ways of learning to employee induction and competence development. One of the goals was to make performance data of those training courses that were common to everyone easily available. The project was part of a multifaceted competence development package that also utilizes other channels and methods.

Are was looking for a solution to make induction and competence development mobile all over Finland and to meet the needs of business operations. Online training is the solution.


"We assessed the learning management systems and e-learning authoring tools available on the market and found that MPS’s Gimlet learning environment was the best match for our needs," says Päivi Lyly, HRD Manager at Are Group

Digital training has become a large part of daily life at Are

Are employees have received digital training well, and it has become a natural part of everyday life and development.


“We got our personnel involved in content design and testing from the start, and thus it was easy to start designing courses together. Both project and technical deployment were successful. The number of digital course completions and new courses grows all the time,” Päivi Lyly says.


The project and cooperation run smoothly. MPS’s Jari Mäkelä notes: “The project cooperation with Are went smoothly and efficiently. We have also continued the good cooperation and dialogue with the customer after the project. Are had a clear and bright goal that also facilitated the work of the MPS project team.”


“Employees have given positive feedback on the concise content and user-friendliness of the digital learning environment and the length of the courses, which are ideal for on-the-job learning. We divided the deployment into stages and involved supervisors in the start-up, to ensure support for 2,900 end users, or our entire Finnish personnel,” Päivi Lyly says.


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We assessed available learning management systems, and Gimlet Learning Environment was the best fit for our needs.


Päivi Lyly

HRD Manager, Are


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