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Sometimes, it’s just better do to it yourself. With the Prewise Learning tool, you can create professional-looking online courses easily and flexibly without any special expertise in technology or programming. The MPS digital learning specialists have created a diverse selection of content production features without compromising on user friendliness.

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Online courses swiftly and easily


With Prewise Learning you can get started swiftly and easily. Design digital online course templates and other visual themes yourself. Our tool offers a wide range of components to create different types of tasks and page layouts as well as other extra components to add interactivity and layers to your learning courses. Courses can also be easily worked in teams. The courses are responsive which allows for the content to be accessed conveniently and consistently across different devices.

You can publish your Prewise Learning courses through Gimlet LMS or as SCORM packages ready to be installed onto other learning platforms. If needed, we also offer you a deployment project, in which we design a course template just for you in align with your organization’s visual guidelines.

Create content easily for
  • orientation
  • safety training
  • compliance and responsibility trainings (e.g. code-of-conduct)
  • partner trainings
  • product and sales training


Professional support

In addition to our excellent technology, you also have the support of our professional team when needed. You can create online courses completely independently but if you need help, we are here for you: Our digital learning experts will help when you need to design learner-oriented online courses or boost better learning culture.

You also have access to our digital Learning technology customer support site where you can get quick help with the most common issues relating to our learning technologies.


We already have many satisfied customers! Check out customer references here and be inspired.


Free trial


We have a strong believe in our product and how easy it is to use. That is why we offer a 2-week free trial* to Prewise Learning. You will have free-of-charge access to our tool and to all its standard features. All courses created during the trial will be at your disposal even after the trial has ended.

Currently our trial page and form are only in Finnish but if you are interested, please contact us with our contact form (at the bottom of this page).

* Trial period does not commit you to anything - the subscription ends automatically at the end of the trial period.

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"Kurssit ovat interaktiivisia ja niitä on helpompi tehdä kuin perinteisiä Power Pointeja."
Noora Saloranta, HRD Specialist

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Kimmo Tuovinen
Kimmo Tuovinen +358 40 568 8996