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Teleste’s integrated product and service offering helps to build and run a better networked society. Teleste’s solutions bring television and broadband services to your home, secure your safety in public places, and guide your use of public transport. Innovativeness and extensive experience have made Teleste a leading international provider of broadband, safety and information technologies and related services. Teleste stays in contact with their customers through a global network of outlets and partners.
We implemented a consulting and training package to suit Teleste’s needs that is ideal for starting content production within an organization and for systematically increasing the organization’s own design expertise.

Starting point for the project

When you’re looking for effective and high-quality training for personnel and other stakeholders, you can usually find suitable content, communication or marketing experts for the project in the organization. However, it can still be challenging to establish truly engaging and inspiring learning experiences and online courses for key learners in the organization. The piece that is usually missing is design expertise, which is required to effectively combine all other competencies and create a learner-driven solution.

Teleste, who wanted to invest in the quality and effectiveness of digital courses, also faced a similar challenge. Teleste was already fluently using MPS’s Gimlet Composer content production tool and the Gimlet LMS learning environment. When the need arose to build digital courses regarding a product group to train customers, partners, salespeople and technical personnel, Teleste realized that they needed additional support to take a wider target group into consideration in solution design. Therefore, they decided to expand the cooperation with MPS to include consulting services, so that the online courses could be implemented in accordance with the goals and, at the same time, Teleste would grow their own capability to design engaging digital learning solutions in the future, as well.


Based on Teleste’s needs, MPS delivered Teleste a consultation and training solution that was designed to grow their learning design skills and get their internal e-learning creation off to a good start. The package included prework assignments for participants, a full-day joint workshop, and a subsequent consultation period during which Teleste’s experts implemented what they had learned in their first pilot project. MPS’s consulting designer – Learning Experience Designer – provided support, sparring, and practical advice throughout the design journey.

In a coaching workshop, the participants got to go through the actual design process step by step and deploy the first key design document of their chosen Luminato product training, the synopsis of the digital course. The Teleste team was then able to rely on this document, which defined the business objectives, the situation of the learners, and the target competencies, throughout the design project, making more detailed choices about the digital learning approaches and content.

After the workshop day, Teleste’s team kept in close contact with the MPS expert, who gave them clear feedback during every step of the design process, helped solve various practical issues related to the deployment of the digital course, and even created customized functionality for the course to enable it to serve the target audience in the desired manner.

Teleste found the joint project very useful and also a fun collaboration. Most importantly, it resulted in an impactful digital course and new competence in building learning experiences in the future. As Teleste’s Peter Nuyttens (Project Manager, VBD Global Support) described the cooperation with MPS:


"The workshop was excellent, and we got good support afterwards. Based on this, we were able to create the best e-learning course in the house in two languages."


“ (1)

The workshop was excellent! Based on this, we were able to create the best e-learning course in the house in two languages.


Peter Nuyttens

Project Manager & VBD Global Support, Teleste


“ (1)


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