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Creating content for digital learning materials requires specific skills. It needs to take into consideration the wider range of goals in the organization, learning objectives of the target group and the basics of digital pedagogy, as well as the framework of the current content production tool.


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The workshop was excellent! Based on it, we were able to create the company’s best e-learning course in two languages.


Peter Nuyttens

Project Manager, VBD Global Support

Growing capability for content production 

We train your content producers to create motivational, meaningful and unforgettable content. We guide you in defining the target group and learning goals, delimiting the content, and reaching a sufficient level of detail – not forgetting the importance of visual design in conveying the right kind of atmosphere and message. We also support advanced organizations when they need tips for revamping digital learning and, for example, trying out the gamified approach.

We can help you design digital learning solutions regardless of the content production tool in use. We organize training and workshops in Finnish or English.

You can select the most suitable from the courses below or request a course that is customized for your specific needs! You will get a particularly effective start to high-quality digital learning content production when you combine the training with a pilot project, during which our specialists will support you closely as you put the training into practice in your own content production project.

Basics of content production→

Basics of visual design→

Effective content production for digital learning workshop→


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"Kurssit ovat interaktiivisia ja niitä on helpompi tehdä kuin perinteisiä Power Pointeja."
Noora Saloranta, HRD Specialist

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