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With the efficient advertised search, your company can locate the right expert in no time.  MPS Recruitment Services will help you identify the best candidate suited for the position.

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MPS Recruitment Services offer professional and flexible help.


Piia Nygren

HR Manager, Tammer Brands Oy

Advertised search is a quick approach to finding the right experts

Advertised search is more than just a job advertisement. It is a smooth but thorough process. A good advertisement serves as a marketing tool for your company, an excellent applicant experience supports your employer image, and suitability assessments reduce the risk of wrong recruitment and make it easier to guide a new person at work.

We carry out more than 300 advertised searches all over Finland every year and we know what high-quality recruitment consists of.

Our service includes 5 points

  1. Situation analysis. We prepare a target profile. We go through what kind of expert you are looking for and together we prepare a target profile of the desired candidate.
  2. Search strategy. Our recruitment marketing team identifies the best media choices based on the target profile. We plan and publish the announcement on the selected channels.
  3. Search operations. We provide additional information to those who are interested, summarize the applicants and invite the best candidates to continue. We conduct initial interviews and make recommendations for further selections. As a customer, you can also participate in the initial interview if you wish. We handle all phases of applicant communication.
  4. Evaluation and selection. We carry out suitability assessments, report the assessment results, select the preferred candidate and check references. If necessary, we will invite the strongest candidate to a discussion with you.
  5. After selection. We give the selected person evaluation feedback, which supports success in the new position.

In cooperation with us, you ensure that

  • potential candidates are reached with a thorough knowledge of the right media channels
  • the recruitment process proceeds in a high-quality and controlled manner according to the schedules
  • employer image is strengthened through a good advertisement and an excellent applicant experience.
  • the candidate best suited to the position is identified through suitability assessments and the risk of wrongful recruitment is reduced
  • the selected person and their supervisor receive support in the form of evaluation feedback for orientation and management
  • you can focus on your core areas of responsibility, because at MPS we take care of recruitment on a turnkey basis

MPS’s sustainability principles in searches and recruitment

We want to act as a pioneer in the development of responsibility practices in our industry. Read more about MPS’s sustainability principles in direct search and recruitment.

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"Kurssit ovat interaktiivisia ja niitä on helpompi tehdä kuin perinteisiä Power Pointeja."
Noora Saloranta, HRD Specialist

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