Apt choices: Tuomas Vaulanen joined Finnfund as an Investment Analyst through MPS’s advertisement search



Finnfund is a Finnish development financier and impact investor. We build a sustainable future and generate lasting impact by investing in businesses that solve global development challenges. Every year, we make 20–30 new investments worth EUR 200–250 million in businesses in developing countries. We put special emphasis on clean energy, sustainable forestry, sustainable agriculture and financial services, as well as digital solutions and infrastructure. In total, Finnfund’s investments and commitments are EUR 1,070 billion, half of which is in Africa. Finnfund has 90 employees.
Additional information is available at www.finnfund.fi.

Tuomas Vaulanen joined Finnfund as an Investment Analyst

When Finnfund embarked on the search for an Investment Analyst, with the support of MPS’s advertisement search, to strengthen their analyst team, they received hundreds of applications.


“We have cooperated with MPS for more than seven years now. MPS is a familiar development partner that knows us and a good deal of our employees well because we have done a lot of recruitment. MPS’s advantage has been that they know us down to a team level and have a great understanding of who would be a great fit for us in every recruitment. Therefore, MPS’s strengths include familiarity, good quality, smooth processes and the fact that working together with them is fun.” – Katja Koski, HR Manager, Finnfund


Rapidly growing Finnfund decided to recruit several new members of their analyst team

Finnfund has a great employer image, which makes it a sought-after workplace. This is reflected in the number of applications they receive. Finnfund recruited several new employees for their analyst team, one of whom was Tuomas Vaulanen. Now, he has worked at Finnfund for almost a year and has moved on to more challenging duties that involve, among other things, development activities in his analyst team


At Finnfund, the role of an investment analyst is to analyse, together with team, the financial side of the project, or how profitable the project itself and the operations of the company and other actors is from the perspective of investing in it. My duties include creating and modelling financial analyses, data management, travelling in developing countries and drafting extensive analyses on site. The required background is often a Master’s degree in economics or engineering, but it’s also a good idea to include accounting and financing in your studies. Financing expertise is integral to this role, but knowledge of a certain field paired with it is also a plus. The work is precise and demanding, which is why suitability assessments are a key part of the recruitment process.

Tuomas has taken to the analyst role like a duck to water. We’ve been very satisfied with his work, which is why he has progressed fast and received more responsibilities. In addition to his basic duties, he is responsible for the quality of the work and instructs newcomers. As a person, Tuomas is very pleasant, calm and conscientious. He also gets along with everyone, which is important.” – Katja Koski


Meaningful work is a priority for Tuomas

Before joining Finnfund, Tuomas worked for three years in the international accounting and consulting services network KMPG. There, he was a Deal Advisory Associate and produced financial analyses for companies planning mergers and acquisitions. Tuomas also worked for the Canadian listed IT company CGI’s Finnish branch for about a year after he completed his studies.

According to Tuomas, the job application process for Finnfund went smoothly, even though it was on the lengthy side because of the large number of applicants. The suitability tests were demanding, too, as they lasted a few hours, but all in all, the process was handled well. What led Tuomas to apply for Finnfund was the meaningfulness of the work, in particular.


“In the daily life of a consultant, the work is often routine-like and limited to a very narrow sector. At Finnfund, the work has a wider scope; you can take part in investment processes from start to finish, and analysts have more responsibility and opportunities to influence investment decisions. The significance of the work role is highlighted even further when you always have to find a deeper understanding of the project. This means that an analyst has more chances to influence projects than a consultant, and we’re also listened to at Finnfund. I feel that working at Finnfund is meaningful because we invest in high-risk developing countries, where we seek an impact, which, in my opinion, is inspiring. Professional development opportunities, meaningfulness, a wider scope and a nice team are the most important cornerstones that attracted me here. I also knew a few people at Finnfund in advance, and the interview reinforced my positive perception of the company.” – Tuomas Vaulanen, Investment Analyst, Finnfund


Responsibility and the team currently inspire at work

“There are many aspects to consider when you’re looking at the possibility of an investment. I find the so-called research and investigation of the unknown interesting – it’s when puzzle pieces find their places. I also enjoy responsibility and working in teams, being around people to spar with. The social angle is also interesting, or meeting people and target companies, as well as travelling to target countries. Last week, I was in South Africa, and in a few weeks, I’ll be heading to Kenya. At Finnfund, travelling is organised smoothly and effortlessly, with no problems.

As a workplace, Finnfund is unique in Finland – there are no other organisations where you can do capital investment in developing countries, which is a great experience. I consider myself lucky to have ended up working here. A unique role goes hand in hand with challenging duties and uncertainty that you have to live with when it comes to the projects. However, the work goes smoothly with research work and support from the team.” – Tuomas Vaulanen


We wish Tuomas and Finnfund the best of luck and success in the future!

Illustration: Jussi Ratilainen. From the left: Investment Analyst Kelvin Kiiru, Manager of the Environmental and Social team Riikka Thomson and Investment Manager Ulla-Maija Rantapuska.



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