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Success of an organization starts with people

Because companies are made up of people

Continuous development and identifying and acquiring the rights skills for the right position are cornerstones for the success and competitiveness of your company and its employees. Here at MPS, we consider finding the right competence and people for the right jobs one of the most important tasks of our everyday work.

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Identifying required competence

Identifying and finding the right skills is all the more urgent in the current fourth wave of working life, where the relationship between work, time, place and employment is changing. Working life, employees’ expectations, and competence needs change rapidly. Determining the competence required in the midst of the everyday hustle and bustle can be challenging for your organization.

At MPS, we help hundreds of companies each year to identify and define the kind of expertise their company, team or task needs now and in the future. We also help companies assess the potential and expertise of their current employees and how best to use them to support the strategy

Finding skilled employees with data-driven recruitment

A modern data-driven recruitment process considers all stages and the most efficient search channels of the search process and ensures an excellent applicant experience. Strong expertise in work behavior, which is ensured by MPS’s team of psychologists, adds significant value to choosing experts.

At MPS, we can help your organization with modern recruitment solutions such as Advertised Search, Search, and Executive Search. To ensure successful recruitment, we conduct thousands of recruitment interviews and suitability assessments each year to find the best expert for the job.

Successful recruitment requires a continuous, good induction process to allow the new employee to internalize the new position, work environment and culture, and to allow their skills to be harnessed to support the organization. At MPS, we help your company create a comprehensive package from recruitment to induction.

Finding experts and competence within the organization

The competence your organization needs may come from within the organization. Mapping and evaluating the competencies of employees within the organization, as well as potential assessments, are effective ways to identify and reallocate internal resources to the right places. In addition, this enables interesting development paths and reinforces an excellent employee experience.

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Why choose MPS?

We have a strong understanding of work behavior and business, combined with long experience in recruitment and assessments. Every year, we help hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees succeed by finding the right place for talents.

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