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Aptitude assessment predicts success in the job. When the best experts have been identified but the choice between candidates is not straightforward, the aptitude assessment will help assess the differences between the applicants in the criteria needed to succeed in the job. The assessment provides information about the strengths, areas for development and style of working, motivation and potential for development. The aptitude assessment decreases the risk of recruitment mistakes and helps guide the new person in their job.

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Veronika Solovian
Veronika Solovian
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The assessment provided information about the person that I find useful in leading them. Personally, I would not have considered thinking about this from such a perspective.


Feedback from a customer that used our assessment services

We follow good personal assessment practices in our personal assessments. Our aptitude assessments are always conducted using multiple methods, and they include different types of assessment methods in addition to an interview. We present our conclusions and recommendations in a clear and comprehensible manner.    

We ensure the accuracy of our assessments by familiarizing ourselves with the prerequisites needed to succeed in the job, using suitable assessment methods, and ensuring the top expertise of our assessment consultants. We systematically monitor our customers’ satisfaction in our assessment processes and the accuracy of our evaluations, and we have received excellent results in both.  

Learn more about the multimethod approach in personal evaluations.

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Veronika Solovian
Veronika Solovian
veronika.solovian@mps.fi + 358 20 746 9486