Recruitment can also be smooth on virtual channels

Which parts of the recruitment process can be done remotely? And which require meeting in person?

The COVID-19 pandemic challenges the traditional ways of working, but it also opens up new opportunities. Fortunately, many elements of expert work can easily be done remotely these days, and the share of virtual work has increased in recent years in our organization, as well. There are efficient and high-quality tools and technology available, and many people are familiar with virtual encounters. Only a few years go, the connections were often unstable and the quality of the sound and image poor, but today, a video interview carried out with good technical tools almost feels like meeting the person face-to-face. Meanwhile, people have become familiar with using different remote connections at work, and most people do not find them special any more. Often, international recruitment is carried out fully remotely, by both the client and the candidates.

For the time being, we use remote connections in most of our interviews and other discussions; in practice, this means telephone and video meetings. Luckily, these practices do not bring any negative changes to the process, and in addition to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus, they have many other positive effects. Often, organizing a remote meeting is faster and easier, as it requires no time for travel. It is also more environmentally friendly, unless the meeting would have been within walking or cycling distance. Remote connections can also support the work-life balance by enabling a more flexible organization of a person’s obligations. Remote meetings also make recruitment notably more efficient when the parties are located in different parts of Finland or in different countries.

People will continue to work remotely, partly because they have to, although remote work has been a natural and effective part of work for some time now. Meanwhile, its positive impacts will increase, which are likely to make remote work and meetings an established part of recruitment in normal times, too.

Author: Juha Vaara

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