Owner­ship and leader­ship

Competitive advantage with good ownership and leadership

Successful continuity

Clearly defined ownership goals and strategy create a foundation to develop your company’s leadership, business strategy, employer image and sustainable competitiveness. The MPS Executive and Board services offer versatile support for privately owned businesses to develop ownership and leadership.

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Jerker Gräsbeck
MPS Executive and Board

Long-term success from good ownership

Because ownership is related to the governance and management of an entire company, its development has a significant impact on the company’s success. With good ownership, the company’s attraction in the eyes of owners, management, key employees, personnel and external experts increases, and thus, competitiveness also increases. At MPS, we offer versatile support and comprehensive services for the entire ownership development

Entice with ownership goals and strategy

The development of ownership starts by defining the vision of the owners, which creates a common long-term goal (e.g. 10–15 years) for the company. Once a shared vision has been defined, an ownership strategy is established, and the management model, competencies and dynamics of the company are organized to implement it. Clearly defined ownership goals and strategy will also help in attracting and recruiting the best external experts.

Comprehensive services to develop ownership

MPS’s good ownership and management solutions are ideal for privately owned small and medium-sized businesses.

Examples of our solutions:
  • Facilitating the definition of ownership goals, especially for family businesses.
  • Planning of customized guidelines, structures and processes related to ownership goals.
  • Organizing effective board work to support the company’s operational management in implementing a jointly agreed strategy.
  • Supporting corporate management teams in evaluating and developing business models and dynamics.
  • Developing corporate culture and compatibility of cultures in the context of acquisitions.

In addition, our services offer solutions for:
  • ownership management; such as organizing the ownership base in family-owned companies
  • ownership base and individual owner development programmes (coaching and mentoring)
  • evaluation and development of board work
  • recruitment of board members
  • development of management team work and the competencies of the individual members of the management team


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The goal of good ownership is to sustainably increase the company's attraction and profitability.


Jerker Gräsbeck

Senior advisor, MPS

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