Continuous HR services

Competitive advantage by developing employees and the capacity for renewal

Long-term competitiveness from competence

In companies, everyday investment does not always match the strategic emphasis that the employees are the source of potential and competitiveness. As a continuous service, MPS’s HR service is a flexible solution for your organization’s long-term personnel development, competence management and continuous renewal.

Our Development Director Iiro tells more about the new solution

Iiro Pohjanoksa
Development Director

Accumulated and shared data for competence development

By combining individual career aspirationsand competence development with the competence needs of an organization, you create a long-term competitive advantage. However, companies do not always have enough time to focus on employee competence and HR management. The measures only tend to be implemented once, and no valuable HR data is accumulated or carried forward.

At MPS, we combine HR technologies, data and services in a continuous development service. We collect and refine data and offer both the data and any related systems to your organization in a user-friendly environment. In addition, a consultant or even a team will take care of the management and development of your organization’s human resources as an ongoing service, providing excellent support and expertise to HR and senior management.

MPS TaaS model for continuous service

Our continuous service model follows easy and clear monthly pricing, in which we at MPS are committed to developing your organization’s personnel and maintaining competitiveness with regard to competence. Your company can choose the appropriate service model and related services. With this cooperation, your company can ensure continuous development and renewal, while the company stays competitive and accumulates and shares data.

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