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Businesses and communities of all sizes need good HR management and the means to renew and acquire and engage employees to succeed. The service brings more than just high-quality employment management, as we combine your organization’s strategy and business objectives with extensive personnel development.

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Up-to-date HR expertise and experienced professionals at your side

A good employee experience and employer image attract experts, engage employees, and reduce personnel turnover. Even the smallest company should invest in these and develop competence, and care for communality and presence, and basically make sure that the daily working operations run as efficiently as possible. With professional HR competence that is up to date, it truly is easier for your company to operate in everyday working life, solve challenges, and develop operations in a business-oriented manner. At MPS, we introduce strong HR competence to support the different situations in your company’s working life. In addition to high-quality employment management, we always implement extensive personnel development that understands your organization’s strategy and business objectives.

HRD as a service

Our HRD service is always tailored to meet the needs of your company or community. Our professionals will help you when you wish to acquire an external HR management service, when your own HR needs a substitute, or when you want to train a suitable person in your company to become an HR professional. We make sure that all statutory employer obligations are met, and that the annual HR management clock is always on time.

We can take over the HR system implementation project or help develop HR management and administration practices and support supervisors in day-to-day leadership situations. For us, developing an excellent employer image and employee experience is dear to our hearts.

Whether you need strategic or operative HR work, our professionals can help you.

Management’s HR partner

We offer practical and development-oriented management HR consultation. We help develop practical legal HR processes and define policies. We also help your company determine how to develop HR work and competence to match your strategy.

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