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Executive, are you at a point of transition in your career? If your previous employment relationship is coming to an end, make sure that you get the best possible support for the next stage of your career. MPS guides the executive to a new beginning with strong expertise.

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Nina Kalajoki
Nina Kalajoki
nina.kalajoki@mps.fi +358 20 746 9413

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Executive career and outplacement training, MPS Executive Outplacement, gives you the opportunity to hone your job-seeking skills and choose the right career path for yourself.


Nina Kalajoki

Area Director, MPS

An experienced recruitment professional will act as a personal consultant in executive career and outplacement training. We know how to employ executives and what they need in order to achieve their career goals.

We help set clear objectives and create the check marks to achieve those goals. You have an expert team of search and recruitment professionals at your disposal. MPS Executive Outplacement is both a touch of luxury and hard goal-oriented work with concrete tools to help you achieve career goals in sparring with experienced consultants.

MPS Executive Outplacement provides

  • an encouraging and experienced career coach
  • the support of a consultancy firm specialized in executive recruitment
  • contact with search specialists
  • the digital MyCareer 24/7 service
  • the results of a psychological leadership assessment as a tool for self-knowledge
  • the international Career Start Group network and executive-level peer support
  • elegant and high-quality document editing
  • means to grow a personal brand and give it more exposure
  • the option for entrepreneurship coaching
  • individually flexible service
  • an extensive training period
  • support for well-being in the midst of change

For decades, MPS has been a management partner of various organizations and a pioneer in outplacement services in Finland. You can rely on the support of the MPS specialists to ensure a controlled career transition when it comes to changes in your executive career, too.

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Nina Kalajoki
Nina Kalajoki
nina.kalajoki@mps.fi +358 20 746 9413