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Successful change management is about managing change consistently and as planned throughout the organization. MPS’s change management consultation is at your disposal in preparing for a change situation.

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MPS’s change and outplacement coaching helps companies not only fulfil their social responsibility but also maintain their humanity and respect in a challenging situation.


Anne-Maria Lehtinen

Senior Consultant

Consulting with MPS specialists to prepare for change includes assistance in planning even the most challenging personnel changes: best practices for leadership, HR and managers to deal with change and communication, and to support those who have been laid off and those who remain in the organization.

Changes in regard to organizational personnel reductions also take the law of transition security into account. The law of transition security aims to guarantee humane and dignified treatment for an employee who has created value for the organization. MPS supports your organization in complying with the law of transition security by providing years of experience in change and outplacement training tailored to the needs of your organization and its personnel. The act is an integral part of the cooperation negotiations and related legislation.

We are involved in changing the careers of thousands of people every year. In Finland, MPS has more than 30 experienced coaching consultants trained and certified for change and outplacement training, ready to support your organization’s personnel in the transition.

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