MPS Cookie Policy

Below you will find information about the cookies we use.
About cookies

This website stores cookies on your computer. These cookies are used to collect information about how you use our website and to help us remember you. We use this information to improve and personalize your browsing experience and to generate analysis and statistics about the use of both our website and other media.


If you do not accept all cookies, your information will not be tracked when you use this website. Your browser will then use a single cookie to help us remember not to keep track of you.

Necessary cookies
Necessary cookies are necessary for the operation of the website and they are used to ensure the reliable operation of our website. The website will not work properly without these cookies.

  • __hs_initial_opt_in. Expiry 7 days. Used to prevent always on banner display when visitors are browsing in strict mode
  • __cf_bm necessary. Expiry 30 minutes. Cloud flare's bot products identify and mitigate automated traffic to protect your site from bad bots. Cloudflare places the __cf_bm cookie on End User devices that access Customer sites that are protected by Bot Management or Bot Fight Mode. The __cf_bm cookie is necessary for the proper functioning of these bot solutions.
  • __cfruid necessary. Expiry Session. Used by the content network, Cloudflare, to identify trusted web traffic.
  • __hs_opt_out necessary. Expiry a year. Used by the banner to not ask visitors to accept cookies again
Statistical cookies
Statistical cookies give us information about traffic to our site and how visitors interact with it. Based on this information, we can improve the user experience of our site.

  • _ga analytics. Expiry 2 years. ID used to identify users
  • li_sugr. Expiry 3 months. Used to make a probabilistic match of a user's identity outside the Designated Countries
  • _dc_gtm_UA-91776422-11. Expiry a minute. Used to throttle request rate.
  • __hssc. Expiry 30 minutes. Analytics session cookie
  • _gid. Expiry a day. ID used to identify users for 24 hours after last activity
  • __hssrc. Expiry session. Used to determine if a session is a new session
  • hubspotutk. Expiry a year. Contains visitor's identity
  • __hstc. Expiry a year. Analytics tracking cookie
Functional cookies
Functional cookies allow us to change the behavior and appearance of a website based on, for example, the language selection and the user's location.

  • AnalyticsSyncHistory. Expiry a month. Used to store information about the time a sync with the lms_analytics cookie took place for users in the Designated Countries
  • lang functionality. Expiry session. Used to remember a user's language setting
Marketing cookies
Marketing cookies allow us to target customized marketing on various websites and social media channels to our site visitors. They also provide us with information on the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns.

The social media services we use (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube) may also use the information collected through marketing cookies for their own use. The data may thus be disclosed to third parties outside the MPS.

  • bcookie. Expiry 2 years. Used by LinkedIn to track the use of embedded services.
  • fr. Expiry 3 months. Contains a unique browser and user ID, used for targeted advertising.
  • UserMatchHistory. Expiry a month. These cookies are set by LinkedIn for advertising purposes, including: tracking visitors so that more relevant ads can be presented, allowing users to use the 'Apply with LinkedIn' or the 'Sign-in with LinkedIn' functions, collecting information about how visitors use the site, etc.
  • bscookie. Expiry 2 years. Used by LinkedIn to track the use of embedded services.
  • _fbp. Expiry 3 months. Facebook analytics cookie
  • lidc. Expiry a day. Used by the social networking service, LinkedIn, for tracking the use of embedded services.
  • U. Expiry 3 months.