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MPS provides you with professional and business-oriented human resource management as a flexible service. With an outsourced HR, you get a skilled dedicated professional, the best HR practices and the latest expertise in the industry for your business.

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Up-to-date HR expertise and experienced professionals by your side.


Marja-Leena Rautaparta

Senior Consultant, MPSS

Implement the best HR practices with outsourced HR

The service brings more than just high-quality employment management, as we combine your organization’s strategy and business objectives with extensive personnel development. Our experienced professionals are able to support your management even in demanding situations.

What does the service contain?

The service provides the customer with outsourced HR and provides an HR professional and the best HR practices for the customer’s use.

HRD is more than just high-quality employment management, it is extensive personnel development that understands the strategy and business objectives of the customer company. Our professionals are experienced coaches who are able to support management even in demanding situations.

To whom?

The HRD service is ideal for organizations that want to invest in good leadership and professional HR management and that need to renew or change their leadership model/culture.

Versatile benefits for an organization

  • Development of management team work and progress of operations in accordance with the management system
  • Employer image improvement
  • Employee experience improvement
  • Personnel analytics, knowledge-based management intensifies as part of the implementation of business strategy
  • Support for senior management in the planning and implementation of the personnel and organizational structure
  • Responsible and high-quality management of change situations that takes into account legal matters
  • Management of costs related to occupational health care
  • Work ability risk management and the building of cooperation with the employment pension insurance company and occupational health care
  • Systematic, cost-effective and strategy-supporting competence development throughout the organization
  • Fast and solution-oriented handling of difficult situations
  • Development of processes related to the life cycle of an employment relationship, and development of HR management skills
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"Kurssit ovat interaktiivisia ja niitä on helpompi tehdä kuin perinteisiä Power Pointeja."
Noora Saloranta, HRD Specialist

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Marja-Leena Rautaparta
Marja-Leena Rautaparta +358 40 187 4035