The municipality of Lempäälä learned to master content production for digital learning


Impactful induction training for Lempäälä

Making digital courses is easy with agile tools and clear learning goals. At the beginning, you may need a little help. Our experts helped the pilot group of the municipality of Lempäälä create impactful induction training with a coaching approach.

The starting point was very typical

There was plenty of existing induction material available, but it was all very scattered. For this reason, we decided to select a solution in which the customer gathered this material into clear learning paths on the MPS Gimlet LMS learning platform.

However, we also needed content that was designed to specifically support learning. Therefore, it was natural to introduce the Prewise Learning digital learning content production tool from the powerful MPS toolkit.

The goal of Lempäälä’s pilot group was to create a general “Welcome” digital course

The goal was to create the essential induction material for employees in two different service areas. In order to start producing digital courses as efficiently and professionally as possible, we created a six-week training and support programme. Its goal was to spar both beginners and more advanced content producers to make motivational, relevant, memorable, and measurable digital learning content.

Clear scheduling supported the process: coaching and sparring every other Friday; digital learning courses were developed in the days in between.

Agile progress with Prewise Learning


"This is so much fun – if only I could spend all my time making these courses!’ was one spontaneous piece of feedback received: a digital course that you can see being made in front of your eyes adds to the enthusiasm and one’s own learning."


An example course supported the materials of each coaching and support session, and it included expert tips, for example, on the use of different components and types of exercises. Practical organization, such as material decisions and time management, was part of the learning journey.

In addition to coaching sessions, we held four clinics, where we went through more advanced content. We helped the customer with questions, such as what kind of structure would work, what to take out and what to focus on, and how to present complex topics.


"It was a joy to see how the experts in their field created such insightful content, and how their skills and courage grew as the work progressed,” says Eevi Kuokkanen from MPS, who was the coach and consultant for the project."


”Our goal with the pilot units was to learn how to use the Prewise Learning tool and to create ready-made templates for other units to facilitate further work. We succeeded!” says Maarit Rönkkö, HR specialist at the municipality of Lempäälä, who launched the project."


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Our goal with the pilot units was to learn how to use the Prewise Learning tool and to create ready-made templates for other units to facilitate further work. We succeeded!


Maarit Rönkkö

HR specialist, Municipality of Lempäälä


“ (1)


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